And On That Farm There Were Some Strikes

Hi all!  Space Farmer here….you may know me as #3 in the stat sheet, but we all know I am #1 in your hearts.  I have one goal this week – to keep my average from falling more than 20 pins.  I think I can do it, but hey, you never know.  Sometimes these Thursday nights can go a bit sideways.

The lines are now all of Thursday with the low numbers from Thursday B merging with A to form one big happy family.  Pretty sure Hungus did a good job in making sure the B teams don’t only play the big dogs from Thursday A so they can have competitive matches with teams like TDYOB.  Lets do this…

BUT FIRST, Quick Trivia:  Name 5 Thursday Bowlers with “Lil” in their name.  Answer at the bottom.

GOB (-5) v. Average Bros – GOB has built a very solid team this season, with Holden Green now the #4 dude on the squad.  Spare-O, Squeaky, and Splinter are all 185+ in average, and that will be tough to beat.  Holden seems to be taking being the #4 guy pretty well:

Even Lil’ Bit has to agree with him, though.

Average Bros got to meet their new teammate Bates Master last week, and by all accounts they all liked each other.  They also added Bald Eagle in place of Dentists’ brother, although he goes by the nickname of Beagle.  So please be sure to introduce yourself to the new Average Bros when you see them on the lanes.  Make them feel welcome while you try to crush them on the lanes.

Here are Soccer Dad’s brother and Northpaw’s brother introducing themselves to their new teammates:

Pinups (-1) v. Bowl Trolls – A B match on lanes 3 and 4.  Pinups have had 2 very close losses, and this time I think they get the win.  I saw some pinups bowling over the weekend, and that’s always a good sign.

The sad part about bowling on lanes 3 and 4 is that the Bowl Trolls won’t be able to see their banner while they roll.  Gutterslut is leading the way for them, and the rest of the crew have averages shockingly close to the Pinups.  Malcom, Slither of Oz, Savvy, MacBalls, and The Fuge are all in order in the stats, so expect a super close match.  Tonight, Lil Lane Master will help the Pinups come away with the win.

And then The Fuge and Gutterslut go get more tattoos:


Y&B2 (-3) v. LOS – Two of the Thursday favorites are meeting early in the season in what may be a huge match in terms of playoff seeding.  Expect to see some huge numbers in this match.

Both teams can roll out lineups where the bottom point will get over a 180.  Kingshit Ding Dong, All Day Lemay, Crackerjack and Couch are an impressive starting lineup.  As are Double Cheese, Precious, Putt Putt and Mama D.   Channeling Stephen A Smith…HOWEVER, Putt Putt will be golfing in Florida, so that means Garlic Jones will be thrust into a starting roll.  And looking for Garlic on the stat sheet was quite an adventure.  Here is Garlic going for a sub-130 average:

Very impressive Garlic!  How low can you go?  It’s time to step it up and roll some scores man!!  Nobody wants to be a limbo master when it comes to bowling averages.  Trust me on this one.

I think the absence of Putt Putt is too much to overcome, even if this match is on Lane 7 (and 8), where Cheese just got his brick.  Precious is killing it also, but I don’t see them being able to keep pace with Y&B2.

BUI (-1) v. DHD – Last week DHD had their debut match, and based on their averages they may need some time to settle in.  BUI seems to be in the groove already, and I think they can pull off the close win tonight. I know they only scored 1 point last week, but having two team totals over 700 ain’t too shabby…

Snapshot is loving life in the top 10 on the stat sheet, and G Unit and Duke are not far behind.  Whiskey Pete even rolled a 190 last week for, umm, Pete’s sake.  Doc Moose seems to be hanging in a neighborhood usually reserved for bowlers like Dr. Thunder, so I have to think he will roll well tonight.  G Force will be his usual steady self, Stephen Kingpin will be fine, Lil’ Pickle will be fine, but fine just won’t cut it tonight.  Give me BUI in a close one.

Doc Moose was kind enough to take G-Force out to breakfast last weekend:

Expect a lot of clips from that movie this season…very underrated movie.

Lezbowlians (-5) v. Strike City – First, let me say I am excited to get the chance to roll against teams like these this season.  Both of them are full of fun, positive people, so I fully anticipate this will be a large happy crew of folks.

Having said that, Lezbowlians are looking good on the lanes and I think they get the win this evening.  Lil’ Mo Ink, Tilt A Whirl, and Ollie Bubba are all rolling well, and if one of them can top Lil Rusty, then it will be a long night for Strike City.  Are you guys picking up all these trivia hints??  I hope so…

My Balls (-5) v. TDYOB – In doing my hard hitting research for this match, I really should have made this line even larger, but I am always bullish about my team.  Jr. Hoss, Spidey, Lefty and Ice Ice Mary are all off to solid starts, and I think they will have little trouble with Bork tonight, but this will be a little closer than people expect.

Farmer had his career BoPo high last week, so you know he will come back down a bit.  But the rest of the team should see some improvements.  Bobby Bluebeetle was on the struggle bus last week, but now that he has popped his BoPo cherry, he will be fine.  Dutch bowled for the first time in months, and getting some run on the old side will be good for him.  And we should see the debut of Number One, which is always good for….something?  The team is bonding in a big way and that usually means success.  I mean, just look at the men of Bork arriving in Bobby’s van for the match:

Add into this mix the lovely ladies of TDYOB (shout out to Cave Dweller and Bowl Murray!), who literally raced to the lanes:

I mean seriously, how can we lose?  Pretty easily, to be honest.  Oh and Two here we cum.

FRIDAY – Leisure Rolls (-3) v. Touch My Xcitement – I had the pleasure of rolling against Mo $ and Magic last Friday, always great to see them.  I also got to roll against the rest of Leisure Rolls, and they looked pretty good.  Boom Hammer rolled his straight ball at mach 2 and trust me the pins weren’t happy. Insanal had a great series.  Beerhunter was too over heated even his fan couldn’t keep him cool enough.  By the way, where is Sally Bowls??  But at the end of the day, they got 14 points and win, and Friday night they will get another one against Touch.

Touch is still only rolling with 4, so expect a steady diet of Potato Thumb, 8-bit, Uno, and Cupcake.  They will score points, but not enough to beat Leisure. 

SUNDAY – Hexy’s Hooligans (-3) v. Tattoos and Titties – First things first, huge shout out and thanks to Flatline for all the great work on the stats.  It’s the contribution of many like Flatline that make BoPo what it is.  As someone way smarter once said, “If we all do a little, nobody has to do a lot”. 

Hexy’s team will be fine in Thursday A, and now that they have DHD and Skol off the schedule, they will start to get wins.  Flatline is rolling well, and eventually Hexy will get used to the commute and roll a bit better than last week.   Hexy is really looking for something to help with her game, she is even turning to underground markets to get some better scores:

Stick with those 9’s Hexy!!  Don’t buy any 8’s from Rubbys, that guys shady!

Tattoos and Titties are full on bowlers I do not fully know.  Queen Elizabeth chipped in with a 200 last week, and they also have a bowler named V.   Not really sure what to expect out of this crew, so for now I will go with the team I know, so give me Hexy by 3.

Let’s Get Down to Business….

Trivia Answer:  Lil Pickle, Lil Mo Ink, Lil Rusty, Lil Lane Master, and Lil Bit all roll on Thursdays.

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