Hey there BoPo!  Are you as excited as I am for this week’s games??  Is it because of the same reason?

Personally, I am thrilled that this is the last week of dry January, a cause I love, but one I am happy to say goodbye to come February 1 (Editors note: Farmer will be calling it quits on dry January on Friday night).  Here’s hoping one more week of not drinking (for the most part) will lead to some good scores.  And for you drunks out there….(looking at you Dutch)….let’s hope your drunk rolling comes around pronto.

Went down the Letterkenny rabbit hole for the videos this week….wow, that’s a funny show, you should check it out if you haven’t already done so.  Apologies to those with sensitive dispositions, some of these vids go off the rails.

Hexy’s Hooligans (-3) v. Touch My Xcitement – We get started today on lanes 1 and 2, where I think Flatline leads the way for Hexy in a win over Touch.

Touch is still at 4 bowlers on the season, and maybe they stay that way all year?  I do know it makes the lineups easy to set each game.  The team is putting up consistently good, but not great, scores.  I think they’ll need to pull out some biggies to get the points they need to get a win.

Hexy’s crew has some bigger guns at the top of their lineup with Flatline, Lobsterman, and Tommy Torpedo all sporting averages higher than the Touch crew.  Well, almost, Potato Thumb has Tommy by 0.2 pins.  But you get the drift.  Hexy gets the win tonight.

Flatline and Tommy on their regimen for staying in shape for BoPo:

Boys, boys….never skip leg day.

BUI (-3) v. Average Bros – Two teams with two losses each, but that’s about where the similarities end for these two teams.

BUI has 4 dudes with averages over 170.  Average Bros have 1.  BUI averages 669 a game, Average Bros average a 615.  BUI drinks about 12 beers a match.  Each Average Bro drinks about 12 per match.

Seems like every time I get bullish about BUI, they let me down.  So I still predict a win, but this will be a tight one.  Average Bros will throw a lot of solid scores, BUI will do the same.  Bates Master will upset the apple cart a bit with a big game, and that will give the Bros some hope, only to be squashed in the end by Snapshot.

The Average Bros with their new teammate Bates Master trying to figure out some clever names for Beers (and Bowlers):

Bowl Trolls (-5) v. Strike City – Bowl Trolls are another team rolling 4 strong this season.  So expect a steady diet of Gutterslut, The Fuge, Pinny Dropper and Savvy this evening.  If they can take points from The Brush or Lil Rusty, they may win by more than 5.  But, this being BoPo, anything can happen so I think it will be a close one.

Strike City has a couple of new (to me anyway) bowlers in Momma and Chicago Bowls.  I do hope they are enjoying the vibe of BoPo in these unique times.  Remember, it’s not a party until someone pukes on lane 7.  So here’s wishing you a fun evening filled with a random strike, a few spares, and of course, lots of shots.

Y&B2 (-1) v. Guacabowle – I expect a bahn burnah in this one.  Will be a close match coming down to the late frames of game 3 to decide the winner, and I will take the resilient bunch of Y&B2 tonight.

Last week LOS dropped a 300 (love the back to back bricks Cheese!) and a 910 (Holy shit!) on Y&B2, yet they were only down 6-4 after 2 games.  That just blows me away.  I mean my team would barely cover that 910 team score in 2 games.  That’s how good these guys are.

However, Guacabowle has a couple of studs in Badger and Mitch Cumstein.  And they also have Dick Whitman.  Ba Dum Tss.  Dick will have to bust out one of his crazy big games to keep up with the firepower on Y&B2, and while that may help for 1 game, I don’t think they can keep up for the entire night, so chalk up a win for Kingshit Ding Dong and Y&B2.

After the tough loss, Dick, Cilantro, and Bonita trying to figure out how to bail without talking to Y&B2:

GOB (-3) v. Leisure Rolls – Sitting atop the standing on Thursday, GOB is looking pretty good.  They have a ton of people rolling very well, and will pull out the win tonight against a game Leisure Rolls squad.

Leisure Rolls used to taught their “mid-level depth”, and they still have that.  And then some.  These guys and gals are good.  But GOB has what I would call “higher than mid-level depth”, so that means they will win points by scores like 190-184, or 210 – 206.  Leisure will end this season in the top half of the standings, but GOB stay unbeaten tonight.

I credit Holden for the team’s strength, he is a great recruiter.  This is how he recruited the six hands of Splinter, Spare-O and Squeaky over to GOB.

TDYOB (-1) v. Tattoos and Titties – You all know me, I love to talk up my team and say how we are going to crush whoever it is we are playing.  But I have seen my team roll so far this season, so best to pump the brakes on our prospects tonight. 

Tats and Tits have had 8 people suit up and bowl with them this season so far.  Personally, I wouldn’t be too sad if Hambone or Queen Elizabeth can’t make it tonight, as those 2 are rolling very well.  The rest of the squad would fit in well with TDYOB, so that’s why I am expecting a close one.

Tron has stated that TDYOB is working on becoming a team first, and our scores will start to climb as we all settle into the groove with each other.  Number One thinks Tron is a moron though, so I’m really not sure what to think on this one.  All I know is that TDYOB has a makeup match tomorrow night also, so maybe they will keep the party in check for once and get the win before getting spanked by LOS on Friday.

Tron is right on one thing, we are still working on becoming a team.  Here we see Dutch and Farmer playing catch with Tron, trying to build that team camaraderie, when he starts to tell us about a recent date with his sweetie:

TMI, Tron.  T.M.I.

OK, enough already.  If I ever DJ a night of BoPo, this tune will be on the playlist. See y’all later!

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