Farmer Haiku

(Farmer will be on line vacation for a few weeks if anyone wants to take a stab at it)

It’s All Star Game week here in BoPo, and I for one am sad I lost my spot last week on the All Star team thanks to waaaaaaaaay to much partying…..not!  It was totally worth it, and I think TDYOB has a new pre-game tradition brewing here.

Half the season done, the important half yet to start.  But knowing we have already made it halfway and I haven’t had to mail it in for the lines yet, this week I will take the easy way out and write some haikus for every team on why they will win this week.  Next week we crossover to Tuesday, so I am skipping lines then and the following week we are on a bye for my colonoscopy, so I will see you with new lines for March 11.

Feel free to add your own submissions in the comments.

DHD (-5) v. Touch My Xcitement

Moose and Lil’ Pickle

Were Great in the Scotch Doubles

They will get the win

8-bit rolling well

But Potato Thumb is Hot

Just ask Cave Dweller

Young Potato Thumb on the drums this week:

Leisure Rolls (-9) v. Strike City

Captain Insanal

With Some Advice for The Brush

Move Feet Right 2 Boards

The Brush, Looking Down

Farts once, twice and is ready

To Move 2 Boards Left

Hexy’s Hooligans (-1) v. Guacabowle

Flatline sends the stats

And I rarely look at them

I pick with my heart

Dick Whitman is sad

With Mitch out for the season

But that means more games!

BUI (-3) v. Bowl Trolls

BUI is good

Snapshot becoming an ace?

Duke’s now number 2!

Trolls, Team of the Week!

Poo Bear and Savvy were great

Will they be again?

LOS (-9) v. Tattoos and Titties

They have 3 top guys

And don’t forget Mama D

800 or bust

Tattoos and Titties

Where is Queen Elizabeth?

You need her badly!

Y&B2 (-13) v. Lezbowlians

Kingshit Ding Dong wins

His own tournament title

Sorry Crackerjack…

A super fun team

Crazy cool energy like

Lazers from Cat’s Eyes

My Balls (-11) v. Pinups

Pinups deserve more

Than to roll on lane 20

Like a team practice

Average Bros (-3) v. TDYOB

Soccerdad’s brother

Needs a haircut real badly

Looks a little rough

Bork is riding high

Just like every other day

A little too loose

Although with a noon start on Sunday, maybe we will be sober.  Just kidding.

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