Good evening Thursday BOPO! Flatline here.. stepping into Farmer’s shoes for the week to do some predictions… Like Farmer said last week, most picks are based on heart… but I happen to have a ton of stats in front of me…We will call them educated guesses.. Couple big games this week to watch! Again, do not take any of these to heart- as this is just friendly banter.

Thursday Games:

Guacabowle vs LOS: Guac bowled amazing last week without Howie’s Pub. Poor Cumstein sitting there all hobbled up- Can’t do anything but watch and drink.. which is kind of what he does at Howies so it works out well. LOS is LOS: 7 game winning streak, second highest average in all the land, multiple 300 games, you name it; they have it. This will not be easy for LOS as Badger rolled a 267 and a 268 last week. Cilantro also killed it, and I’m assuming Whitman will be back yelling “TEAM OF THE WEEKKK GUACABOWLEEE!!” Guac will get some points, but not enough for the win. LOS 10-5

Leisure Rolls vs Bowl Trolls: At first glance, this should be an easy win for Leisure Rolls. But then again, The Fuge is out recruiting guys the size of WWE wrestlers to win.  Ok maybe just one, Poo Bear- but he happens to be a great bowler. He’s bowled 6 games with 5 of them being 200+, including a 246. They’ve added over 100+ pins to their total pin fall each week since he’s arrived.  On the other side- we have Beer Hunter who is throwing 8 different balls in 2 games – Hey Beer Hunter, URETHANEEEEE… Leisure is just too much for Trolls- Leisure Rolls 10-5.

BUI vs Pinups: Second week in a row BUI is playing a B division team, although last week was not a walk in the park. This one should be a walk in the park… Snapshot will stay around his average, G-Unit will roll well, and Animal has been killing it lately. Add in Hexy’s offspring and you have a well-rounded team. Pinups do have a couple awesome BOPO names: Here for the Beer & Slither of Oz. They in fact will be “here for the beer” as BUI takes them down 13-2.

GOB vs Y&B2- Game of the Week: What a great matchup this will be. We got a little bit of everything here; Half of Moore’s Proshop, couple good lefties (well just CJ) , high THC and BAC levels, and then Holden. This will be the second test in a row for GOB as they beat Sharks last week. This will also be the start of a 2 week stretch for Y&B2 as they face off with SKOL next week. A lot of potential playoff matchups. Like every week for GOB, it will come down to how fucked up they get. Some may argue they roll better with high THC/BAC levels; others argue the opposite. Either way they are bowling one tough team. Will Holden be enough of a distraction for Y&B2? I don’t think so… Y&B2 have 4 bowlers that average 197 or better, including All Day Lemay. GOB has 0. This will be a close one but Y&B2 will pull away with the win. Y&B2 9-6.

Touch Xcite vs Lezbowlians: Another good match this week between these 2 teams. Lezbowlians are coming off a 3 game losing streak and looking to get back into the winning side of things. Touch is also in the same boat- They have lost 2 in a row and want to get a W heading into their bye week. I think Lezbowlians might pull off an upset here. If TAW and LMI can get one of the top 2 points from Potato Thumb or 8 Bit then it will be a potential win for Lez. No one in BOPO has more experience on this pattern than Touch, as every bowler has rolled every game. With that- I am still picking Touch over Lez. Touch 8-7.

Average Bros vs My Balls: Some would say this is a pretty close match up at first glance- but what happened to Average Bros? Where is The Dentist? Soccer Dad came out of retirement this week to make it 9 players on their roster- only 2 players short of a full soccer team. The only consistent thing on that team is Bates Master, Buckeye Booth, Fisher Price & Southpaw show up every week. My Balls have been bowling well lately, as they took down GOB a couple weeks ago. Jr. Hoss & Spidey will be too much for Average Bros to handle this week. Who knows who will show up for Bros but My Balls will move on with the win 10-5.

Sunday Games:

Tattoos & Titties vs DHD: Speaking of bringing a soccer team to a bowling event- T&T have registered 11 bowlers this year! What the…? Only 3 bowlers on their team have rolled over 10 games: Train Conductor, Spare Me and Crowbar! On the other side- DHD is a tight knit group, only 5 bowers on their team, sponsored by Bowler X, and sporting a perfect 6-0 record. DHD is led by the one and only G Force, who is leading his team with a 194 average. This should be a walk in the park for DHD, but it also depends which bowlers are coming for T&T… If Hambone, Queen Elizabeth, & Greggoppolo (who?) show up, it could be a close match. DHD 11-4. Hexy’s Hooligans vs Strike City: Hexy’s team was missing 2 bowlers last week, and somehow bowled the best they have bowled all year. Strike City just continues to get beat up each week- but hey who cares cause every time I look over at them- they are having a blast. Hopefully, everyone shows up Sunday for both teams fresh as a daisy, and not hung over. Lobsterman will have his Tito’s drink ready before he even puts on his bowling shoes. Could be a good Sunday funday for Hex’s team as they have a few beer frames to be fulfilled.  Hexy 11-4

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