Flatline back here for second week of lines. I would like to make note that I was 7-1 last week with my predictions- I’m not sure if Farmer has ever done that in his predicting career!  Ha- totally kidding Farmer. Ok onto a short week as 4 teams have a bye this week- and only a couple matchups that should be really good (sorry everyone else).

Guacabowle vs Bowl Trollz- This one will be a blast to bowl in, and a blast to watch. Both teams are fun and loud (ok maybe just Whitman).. but this will be a great matchup. Bowl Trollz are a really good team- and in the last 3 weeks they have averaged just over 700. Only 4 other teams on Thursday have a 700+ average. Poo Bear & Gutterslut will try to outbowl Badger & Whitman- while the rest will battle for the middle/end points. Badger moved up to #3 in the stats with a 222 average. Badger’s last 5 games: 211, 257, 245, 267 & 268. This one will be closer than your typical A vs B matchup- but Guac will win 9-6.

LOS vs Strike City- Poor Strike City has no idea what is coming. I mean, they probably do but nothing they can do except have fun and watch LOS run laps around them. Strike City needs a miracle. LOS 15-0

Leisure Rolls vs Tattoos & Titties– Tattoos & Titties will be a part of 2 games this week: Game 1 is versus Leisure Rolls and the second game will be “Who will show up this week for T&T?” Leisure Rolls are riding on a 3 game winning streak as they just got past Bowl Trollz last week. Shooter had a great 3rd game last week- and they need more of that as the majority of their team averages are in the 160s. Again this matchup will depend on who shows up for T&T- but I’m predicting Leisure Rolls will take the Dub. Leisure Rolls 11-4.

DHD vs Lezbowlians- It’s been a rough 4 weeks for the Lezbowlians as they have 0 wins and have only taken 4 out of 60 points. Earlier in the year they beat all 3 other B teams so I’m not too concerned for them come playoff time. DHD is still undefeated and Doc Moose is finally starting to put up good scores. G Force & Kingpin took a little bit of a plummet with their averages last week but I don’t see this happening 2 weeks in a row. This will be a fun match between the 2 teams but DHD will remain undefeated.  DHD 12-3

GOB vs Pinups- Just a couple more weeks the Pinups must get through before they start bowling B teams again… This isn’t even a fair matchup as the Pinups need a miracle for anything to happen. My suggestion to anyone on Pinups is to buy them shots every frame until you start winning. Or convince Spare O that he needs to buy shots every frame. Either one will work. GOB 15-0

Hexy’s Hooligans vs My Balls- I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is the game of the week. Mostly because it is our team and I see an upset coming. Jr. Hoss & Spidey have been bowling well but I think myself, Lobsterman and/or Tommy Torpedo will be able to take them down. My Balls is a deep team and can get points anywhere in the lineup- but I think they will be 1 point short this week. Hexy’s 8-7

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