Farmer Is Back

After a month away from this glorious day of the week, it is so nice to be back bowling on a Thuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurday!!!!  TDYOB has spent the past month rolling on Fridays, Sundays, Tuesday, and enjoying a bye week, but now we are back and ready to roll.  Maybe.

Sorry not a lot of videos this week, been extremely crazy on the work front.  I will try to do better next time.

Thanks to Flatline for doing the lines, and actually predicting the results correctly.  That’s rarely my goal, but when it is, I’m not as accurate as he was.  Well done….and sorry for your loss last week.

Huge matchups this fine evening, and we’ll get to them later, but we will start with some party matches tonight:

TDYOB (-7) v. Strike City – Much more fun than some of their other A division opponents, and also a lot worse bowlers, so Strike City will be getting some points tonight.  The biggest matchup may be a Stache Pag between Farmer and The Brush for supremacy in the Tom Selleck division.  I give a close edge to yours truly, mostly because I’m not sure what The Brush is packing behind that mask.

Thank you Dr. Fauci.  To be settled this evening.

Tats and Tits (-5) v. Lezbowlians – More I think about it, the less I know about this match.  Tats have some wild swings in performance, and the Lezbowlians may get a bunch, but may not get any points tonight.  Tats are coming off a huge win against Leisure Rolls, though, so maybe they have their lineups figured out. 

Actually, I just realized that every single team in BoPo could accurately be described at Tattoos and Titties.  Who knew?

Touch My Xcitement (-7) v. Pinups – The fearsome foursome of Touch shouldn’t have too much trouble against the Pinups tonight, but sometimes MacBalls busts out a 165, and that will be enough to put a scare into 8-bit.  Potato Thumb will want to perform to keep that average over 170, and I think the vibe will be right for strikes tonight, so pencil him on for a 190 tonight in the win.

Bowl Trolls (-1) v. Hexy’s Hooligans – Last week Flatline fell for the oldest trick in the book, betting on his own team.  Trust me, dude, nobody wears more rose-colored glasses about their team than me, and so I foolishly bet on TDYOB a lot.  Probably why I get so many games wrong when I do the lines.

Bowl Trolls scored an ace in Poo Bear, and Savvy is killing it.  This team’s performance the past month is awesome to see, and I think they get an A scalp to hang on the wall next to their banner from a couple years ago.  Here’s hoping my team doesn’t have to play them….checking schedule…yes!  No match with these guys.

Speaking of Poo Bear, enjoy this disturbing video introducing him to BoPo:

Who knew Pooh could be so jacked?  And his ass cheeks alerted the bees?

I’m not sure you can call it an upset the way they are rolling, but give me the Trolls in a close one.

Y&B2 (-3) v. BUI – I can’t help but smile when I see the standings and see that BUI averages 90 more pins than my team yet they have the same crappy record of 3 wins and 5 losses.  Not sure how that is possible!  Snapshot flirting with a 200 average, Duke over 180, team averaging a 680, yet only three wins?  Sadly, it will stay at three this week after Y&B2 wins in a close but comfortable fashion.

Y&B2 are pretty nasty.  Crackerjack, Kingshit Ding Dong, Couch, and All Day Lemay have rolled 33 200’s this season, and they have a combined average right around an 800.  That’s legit.  And when your second string of ITZ and La Gatita are rolling well also, that’s a very tall order for anyone.  This is a team that can make a deep playoff run.

Average Bros (-1) v. Guacabowle – Picking a slight upset in this one, mostly because I have no idea who on Average Bros will be there but for whatever reason I expect the A Team to show up.  Guacabowle have been on fire, or “en fuego” as they like to say since Mitch’s injury, and really no reason to expect that to stop tonight.  But Average Bros will find a way to pull it out with Keanu Revs busting out a biggie to send Dick Whitman home to his bong to help him turn that frown upside down.

Keanu Revs….great name.  Hits a golf ball a mile, and crushes the gutter off a double strike with regularity.  Great guy.

Cool stat for you and I am willing to bet this would be a BoPo record if it stands:  Badger has had only one game below a 200 all season long.  If he keeps it up, that would have to be some type of record, right?  Has anyone had every game of a BoPo season over 200?  Me thinks not, and I am rooting for him to continue his streak.


GOB (-3) v. DHD – I expect there to be only one undefeated team on Thursday after tonight, and to be honest I think it will be a comfortable win for GOB this evening.  GOB are loaded, they all seem to be rolling well, and are in fact improving their averages on the regular.

DHD has a vaccinated (hopefully?) G-Force leading the way, but eventually that mojo injected in his arm is going to start fucking with his bowling game.  I mean, the guys about the same age as the six-million dollar man…..only without the bionic shit that would come in handy shooting for single pin spares.  For those who have never seen it, here is an amazing clip from that show:

Amazing stuff.  Ripping the arm off of big foot (expertly played by Andre the Giant).  TV in the 70’s….guess you had to be there.

A win by GOB puts them in second for Thursday A, and sets up a possible match for the division title on March 25 (assuming they both win against next week).  Good stuff.

Try not to sprain your neck bobbing to this tune:

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