Lines?!?! On a Tuesday?

Sitting around on a gorgeous Tuesday morning, listening to XM Fly to get some ideas for tonight’s playlists, and figured ‘what the hell, let’s do write some BoPo lines!’  I’ll be using the “Thunder Farmer video format’.

Game of the Night

Hookers (8-2) -1 vs Strikes on Tap (8-2): The de facto Tuesday B championship game.  Hookers are coming off a spanking of the A side Oddballs.  Goodroll had a 274, and I think Eggroll’s worst score was a 210.  These guys are pretty good, as evidenced by that banner over by lane 9.  They are looking for a repeat, and one of the biggest obstacles is the 2019 champs, Strikes on Tap.  The Cleaner’s crew does it with depth.  Phil Frames and ScrapperJohn give them a strong 1-2 punch but they grab points all over the sheet.  Hookers could have a letdown after their huge sibling showdown upset last week, but they did average around 770 in that match, so…

Here’s LL Cool J having his way against Brooklyn last week.

Skol (10-1) -3 vs Saucy Posse (5-5): Three of the last four banners going at it.  Skol has defended their title well, and look to wrap up the Tuesday A crown with a win.  They do have a bye next week, and then a bye first week of playoffs, so the biggest challenge they’ll face is the layoff.  Frankie A has been a great signing, and Viking has bowled so well he has barely even needed to punch himself in the face.  SauPo is kind of sneaky.  Mid season pickup Stuffed Crust is a 200 machine, and Nut Sauce is Nut Sauce.  When Mater and Walter connect they can beat anyone.  Skol wants this one too much to slip up, as they know one mistake and Binga’s is prepared to pounce for the division crown.  Here’s T-$ interviewing Viking and letting him know however he rolls the ball, it’s…ok.

Body English (5-6) -1 vs Oddballs (3-6): Underachiever bowl!  BEER comes in on a 4 game losing streak, Oddballs are coming off a 13-2 whupping at the hands of a B team.  Someone has to win.  Maybe this will be the first bowloff of the 2021 BoPo season.  BEER will be rolling what I imagined would have been our playoff lineup going into the season, with Brandy making a late season debut, and just Hungus, Mr. Rogers Moore and Herb’n tonight.  The Oddballs have no business being 3-6, but here they are.  This will be a fun one as a couple teams unused to the basement slug it out.  Here are the teams shooting single pin spares.

Bingas (9-1) – 3 vs Shake N Bake (5-5): Hell of a rebound season for the 2009 champs.  Old school in the house!  Jerk, and the crew are 9-1 and with a couple wins and a Skol loss could even grab the Tuesday A crown.  Worst case scenario they grab the 2 seed.  Gutterboy really delivering this year, and Chernobylayne has been her all-star self.  Oh yeah, Tso!  S&B has been a bit up and down, reflected in their .500 record.  They are capable of monster games though.  Tango has had an insane season and Lala is crushing from the left side.  They’ll battle tonight but Binga’s, while I’m not ready to drop the ‘destiny’ word quite yet, looks like they’re at least on a mission.  Here’s Cookie talking to the BoPo cup in the trophy case pre-game. 

Sharks (6-4) -5 vs XXX Club (2-7):  This is weird too.  Buck Ripcord is rocking a 233 average.  That’s pretty good, I hear.  But the Club are sitting at 2-7.  Huh?  Sharks smell blood in the water and can wrap up the three seed with a win tonight.  Sparkles has been skyrocketing up the stats board and will lead them to a big win tonight, and Deputy can get as drunk as he wants with his new shorter commute.  Here’s a preview of Deputy leaving tonight to get home for a phone call with Railroad…pro-tip, use the front door, fewer stairs.

Wrecking Balls (7-3) -3 vs BARE (6-4):  These teams are battling to stay in the top tier of Tuesday B.  Jon McEnroll has led BARE to winning record in a bit of a breakthrough season for the squad.  Captain Sticky picked up a couple COVID castoffs in Big Party and Pineapple and has built himself a nice little crew.  They even got a nice 200 out of Marbles who is rocking a solid average.  The Wreck has bigger goals than the regular season as they can hang with any B team given their depth.  They even crushed an A team this year.  Swanny’s time at the lanes is finally paying off, and Xander is old reliable.  When Biscuit Wheels or the Dude show up they are B title material.  Here’s Big Party performing at his sweet new wedding barn after the loss.

BILF (2-8) -3 vs Whoomp (1-8):  Pretty nice to see these teams both already in the win column.  Only Bowl Thugz winless this year and they have a bye week to reflect on that.  Ouch.  Anyway, Whoomp has been getting huge games from Johnny Castle.  BILF has been a bit more well rounded and team captain Dinah-Mo Humm has been putting in the time at the lanes.  Here he is celebrating the spring weather on his boat with new teammate Smash Jackson.

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