This Week in BoPo: Week 3

Had a bye this week, so my focus waned, but I did take in three nights of BoPo action so got a pretty good sense of what was going on out there. Thursday definitely had its best energy of the season thus far, and things seem to be settling in to regular BoPo form. We are already down to 6 undefeated A teams, and 4 undefeated B teams. No one did any major trolling. Maybe everyone busy figuring out their outfit for the Wes Andersen’ themed Bowling Ball this year?

Tuesday A

There weren’t many A games on Tuesday night, but there was definitely a great one. Skol battled back from 5-0 and 6-4 to beat Binga’s 8-7, overcoming Jerk’s 238/245 night. Saucy Posse bowled for the first time after the Splinter comments, and brought their averages back to Earth in a 10.5-4.5 win over winless Groovy. The Pocket Pounders grabbed a nice 10-5 win over Bowl Thugs with both teams bowling above their averages. Friday night saw XXX Club make their season debut (sort of, they were missing half their team) and they got run over by the Sharks 13-2, with both Shark ladies rolling identical 203/188 games. Finally, Shake N Bake battered Oddballs 13-2 with the Oddballs pushing records for most splits.

Players of the Week

Jamaican Jerk, Bingas: He’d rather have had the win, but Jerk’s 238/245 was good enough for this category.

Mrs. Brady, Skol: This one was close, but Mrs. Brady had the high game and high average, and helped Skol to a huge win over Bingas

Tuesday B

Top squad Strikes on Tap took on a BARE squad that featured both players of the week from week 2, and held them off despite Phil Frames losing both top points. Stranger Pins handed defending champs Bowl Trolls their first loss riding a MacBalls 204 to an 11-4 win. Bowling Stones won their second straight 8-7 game, this time over Whoomp. BILF handled Incredibowls 9-6. Poultry Ass knocked NED from the ranks of the undefeated, 9-6. Wrecking Balls got in the win column with a big 13-2 win over Mindz in the Gutter. The Bayside Burners had their first lead 4-1, but the Brooklyn Hookers roared back to win 10-5.

Players of the Week

Jon McEnroll, BARE: Phil Frames did have a 200/204 and got the win, but once again a BARE bowler grabs the award. McEnroll put up a very shiny 255, and averaged 206 in the loss.

Marbles, BARE: This team is 1-2 but pumping out players of the week. Shout out to MacBalls with her 204-153, but Marbles had high score and high average, 206-161. Big night for th glass blowers!

Thursday A

LOS still can’t lose. They had no Precious and no Putt Putt, but won yet again 8.5-6.5 over Leisure Rolls. GOB fell down 5-0 before roaring back for a 10-5 win over Hexy’s Hooligans. DHD stayed undefeated with a 9-6 win over the Average Bros. Guacabowle surged into first place with a 14-1 smashing of Pen15. O.C. grabbed 4 points in game 3 to sneak past BUI 8-7. TDYOB got a win, 9-6 over Lion’s Den.

Players of the Week

Double Cheese, LOS: Sparetime had another great night (193-233) and continues to be Thursday Top Dawg, but Cheese went 223-276-146(!?) and got the win even without his brother in height.

Mama D, LOS: Pretty straightforward. 227-204-180, huge win. Congrats.

Thursday B

Strikes of Hazzard bootlegged to 3-0, picking up a closer than expected 9-6 win over ICBING. Bowlderdash got a big 11-4 win over FC Portland. Strike City are 2-0 for the first time in franchise history, towering over Bad News Spares 15-0. Happy Hands won a thriller 8-7 over Granola Bowlahs. Finally, Lezbowlians won another super close one, holding on from 5-0 to win 8-7 over Party Mix.

Players of the Week

Rocky Bowlboa, ICBING: Lots of honorable mentons this week. Uncle Jesse had a division high game of 243, but followed it with a 99-141. The Brush had a nice 203. But Rocky had the most consistent strong night, 180-227. He also stepped up to captain ICBING three hours after the old captain said the franchise was done. For his next feat he’s gonna eat lightning and crap thunder.

Bullet, Party Mix: Bullet has been in BoPo since the Yankee Lanes days, so nice to see her get in a solid night like this one. She had a very consistent 15-149-146 to help Prty Mix nearly upset Lezbowlians. Great work Bullet!

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