This Week in BoPo: Week 4

Undefeated/defeated watch! Down to five undefeated A, three winless. In B it’s already down to two undefeated, two winless, and if you say you picked Strike City to be one of the last two undefeated squads you are either lying or you’re The Brush. We are cruising right along with the season at this point. Huge scores still going up on the board but top averages settling down a little into the low 220 area for dudes. Women are putting up more giant games this year than ever before.

All Star game is March 6, last day for average cutoff will be games on February 25th. We’ll be taking 18 men and 12 women from each night. Three men’s spots and two women’s spots per night are reserved for the highest average B division players, so if you’re in A you need to be top 15 guy or top 10 woman to guarantee a spot.

Tuesday B

Bowl Trolls got back on track and crushed B.A.R.E. 14-1, with new addition C-Murda showing up big. Sweet Baby Lou carried Incredibowls to an 11-4 win over Whoomp, overcoming a big night from Johnny Castle. Stranger pins scored 5 in game 3 to eke out an 8-7 win over the Brooklyn Hookers on the strength of Malcolm’s 238. N.E.D. handled BILF 11-4 to stay near the top of the standings. Poultry Ass gets the sportsmanship award for the week, allowing Burners to sub out an injured bowler, them losing to them 9-6. Strikes on Tap kept demolishing teams, this time 14-1 over Minds in the Gutter. Wrecking Balls handled the strangely aggressive Bowling Stones 9-6. Side note, do not put your hands on the staff.

Players of the Week

Brooklyn Peanut, Brooklyn Hookers: Since there has been a Peanut since the Yankee lane days, still have to modify her name, but the bowler F.K.A. Rotini crushed it in the loss, 215-191-189.

Biscuit Wheels, Wrecking Balls: Johnny Castle has another strong night, Phil Frames was on fire for two games 231-213, and Malcolm had a huge game 3, but Biscuit Wheels 153-230-201 in a huge win takes home the award for week 4.

Tuesday A

Oddballs won game 1 5-0 (857-813) then cruised the rest of the way to an 11-4 win. Pocket Pounders were chummed by the Sharks 11-4, with a huge night from Speedy Weiner leading the way. Bingas rebounded with monster scores to get by Groovy 12-3, with all four dudes rolling a 233 or higher. Turkey Club got their first win, 9-6 over Bowl Thugz. Pindecent Exposure surprised a bit with a huge 14-1 win over Shake N Bake.

Players of the Week

Speedy Weiner, Sharks: Speedy went 242-201, very impressive. Shout out to Nugget, runner up who led the Oddballs with a 219-207 night herself. Bronze medal to Mt. Averest 218-184.

Sonny D, Pindecent Exposure: Ton of great candidates. Tso had high game with a 256. Cleveland had high three game series with a 640, but most folks bowled two games. The highest two game total was Sonny D 241-217 in a statement win for the expansion exposers.

Thursday B

We had to do some digging to find out but ICBING got on the board with an 8-7 win over B&B. Granola Bowlahs throttled Bad News Spares 15-0. Polly Metro helped FC Portland battle back from 0-5 to win 9-6. Strike City stayed undefeated and moved into first place with a 9-6 win over Happy Hands Productions. A 4-player Pinny Candy knocked off #2 Strikes of Hazzard 9-6.

Players of the Week

Payday, Pinny Candy: Payday opened with a 9 then rolled 8 straight to help lead his team to giant upset over Strikes of Hazzard with a 256. They also finished first to win a free pitcher this week!

Pineapple, Party Mix: Looks like her 149 was high woman’s game in Thursday B, and she muscled through all three games.!

Thursday A

LOS moved to the West side and took care of challenger to the throne Guac, with help from Garlic Jones’ first LOS 200. Snapshot tossed the only 200 in BUI’s 9-6 win over Lion’s Den. Sultans survived an off night with an 8-7 win over Pen15. TMX had by far their best night and picked up their first win, 12-3 over TDYOB. Hexy’s Hooligans outfought the Average Bros 13-2 behind a huge night from Ricky the Rayzr. Finally, The Sauceboss helped lead Leisure Rolls to a convincing 13-2 win over GOB.

Players of the Week

Ricky the Rayzr, Hooligans: 234-249-221, take a bow, Player! Keep your shirt on Ricky

Mama D, LOS: Another rock solid night, 214-184 for second straight player of the week. Also, welcome to BoPo Jelly Swirl, we see your 211.

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