This Week In BoPo: Week 5

This’ll be a quick one as I’ve been in the woods with no internet since Thursday and it’s already Week 6. We do have a big Friday Night match with the last two Tuesday A undefeateds, Saucy Posse and Pindecent Exposure battling on lanes 3-4. Guacabowle knocked DHD from the undefeated list in Thursday A, leaving just two over there as well (Sultans and LOS). In B, Strikes on Tap are making a strong case to never be allowed to bowl B again, with a team average better than 15 A teams.

Tuesday A

Pindecent pulled off a nice upset over Bingas 8-7 to head into their SauPo match at 4-0. BEER evened their record with an 11-4 over XXX Club. Skol has won three straight after an opening night loss, handling Groovy 10.5-4.5. Oddballs handled the Pocket Pounders 11.5-3.5. Saucy Posse stayed undefeated, 11-4 over Bowl Thugz.

Players of the Week

Sonny D, Pindecent Exposure: He still has some learning to do about the social side of BoPo, but Sonny D has been bowling really well, getting his second straight Bowler of the Week with a 689 series just edging Jerk by 2 pins.

Mt. Averest, BEER: Carried the squad to a win with an excellent 636 set.

Tuesday B

Strikes on Tap slaughtered the Poultry Ass 13-2. Bowling Stones got their third 8-7 win, this time over Burners. Whoomp kept MIG on a losing streak, beating them 11-4.Wrecking Balls won their third straight, 13-2 over BILF. NED had a surprisingly easy time with Stranger Pins, 14-1. Incredibowls knocked off BARE in a rare Wednesday match, 9.5-5.5.

Players of the Week

Iceburg, Poultry Ass: Lots of great contenders. Phil Frames had a 257. Cris Cross and Burt the Bandit both got two 200s. Swanny had a 595 set with a 255. Ultimately going with Iceberg for the top set. He did his best against the Strikes on Tap juggernaut, 201-178-247.

Ripcord 2.0, Strikes on Tap: The first Ripcord to win a player of the week is Ripcord 2.0! 170-180 for the #1 team.

Thursday A

Guacabowle bounced back from their LOS loss with a big win over DHD, 8.5-6.5. Sultans moved to 5-0 with a 12-3 win over BARE. Average Bros beat up TMX 13-2. Leisure Rolls got by TDYOB 10-5. GOB won the battle of mechanics 14-1 over Pin15.

Players of the Week

Snapshot, BUI: Nice 684 theyah Bub!

Lil Pickle, DHD: No giant scores Thursday but Lil Pickle with a nice 197 to grab the POTW honor.

Thursday B

Lezbowlians get their 3rd straight, 10-5 over HHP. ICBING evened up their record with a 12.5-2.5 win over BNS. FC Portland moved to 4-1 with a 13-2 win over Pinny Candy. Strike City and B&B played at separate times, and tied, so they’ll settle things with a bowloff at 7:30 on Feb 17th. Bowlderdash crunched Party Mix 11-4.

Players of the Week

Oolie, FC Portland: He’s baaaack! A couple 200’s in the anchor spot has his FC squad looking pretty formidable.

Tilt A Whirl, Lezbowlians: Not even a great night by her standards, but good enough to get the job done and move her team up the standings.

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