This Week In Bopo: Week 6

Short and sweet this week. Firday featured Saucy Posse staying undefeated and knocking off the last other Tuesday A undefeated team, Pindecent Exposure. We are now down to three perfect teams in A, with LOS and the surprising Sultans also without blemish on Thursday. More generally Thursday averages are creeping upwards. In B Phil Frames and Tap are just crushing everything in their path, with no other perfect records in the division.

On the flip side, we are down to Groovy, Pin15, Lions Den and Bad News Spares looking for their first win, but the Lions and Pin15 battle each other this week so one of them will end their funk. Other fun matches this week feature Frankie A battling his old Skol-mates on Friday, NED battling the Wrecking Balls to see who might be the best challenger for Tap, and GOB getting the next shot at taking down Sultans. If LOS and Sultans both win this week we’ll have a battle of 7-0 teams on the 24th.

Thursday A

Last week’s bowler of the week Snapshot led BUI to a big 14.5-0.5 win over Leisure Rolls. Deputy’s big night helped OC crush Pin15 13-2. Sultans welcomed back Spidey and overcame a slow night to beat Hooligans 12-3. Mitch Cumstein came up big in an 11-4 win over GOB, continuing a nice Guac bounceback (wins over DHD and GOB) after they lost their showdown with LOS. A four player TMX kept Lion’s Den winless, 11-4. LOS stayed on top with a big 12-3 win over Average Bros even without Cheese and Precious. Finally, TDYOB had a big upset win over DHD 9-6.

Bowlers of the Week

Putt Putt Pass, LOS: No Cheese and no Precious, no problem. Putt Putt had a nice 673 to wrap up the weekly honors. Honorable mentions to Deputy (224-210), Cumstein (221-223) and Snapshot (238-213-182).

Jelly Swirl, TMX: Welcome to BoPo, Jelly Swirl. Nice win with a 215-151-157

Thursday B

Oolie out ther rolling like it’s 2009, and FC Portland is in first place at 5-1 after beating Strikes of Hazzard 13-2. Granola handed Strike City their first loss, 9-6. Happy Hands battled back for a 9-6 win over Bowlderdash. B&B cruised to a 15-0 win over Bad News Spares. Pinny Candy stayed hot with a 10-5 over Lesbowlians.

Bowlers of the Week

Boys McCracken, Bowlderdash: Boys started the night with the front 8 and had a great series overall, 264-168-180.

Bean, Lesbowlians: 154-181 is enough to grab the award this week, nice rolling.

Tuesday A

SauPo won the battle for first 12-3 over Pindecent. XXX Club lost twice, 8-7 to Skol Tuesday and then again to Shake N Bake on Friday. Bingas did take down Shake N Bake on Tuesday, 10.5-4.5. BEER got by Pocket Pounders in a closer-than-the-score 10-5 game Friday. Sharks devoured Bowl Thugz 13-2.

Bowlers of the Week

Tommy Gunz, SKOL: Tommy’s 288 was the high of the week, and enough to overcome his follow up 161.

Nut Sauce, Saucy Posse: 225-224. Nut Sauce now in 3rd overall in the top average chase.

Tuesday B

Tap flexed 14-1 over Whoomp. BARE educated Burners 9.5-5.5. Poultry Ass edged Hookers 8.5-6.5 in a near bowloff. Wrecking Balls kept rolling with a 12-3 win over Incredibowls. NED held off MIG 9-6 to move to 5-1. Bowl Trolls shut out BILF 15-0, and Stranger Pins bounced back with a 10-5 win over Bowling Stones.

Bowlers of the Week

Phil Frames, Strikes on Tap: Noone could deny him this award this week, even though he’s actually had plenty of weeks better than his 199-234. Honorable mention to El Mango on the Hookers with a 227-199 night.

La Femme, Strikes on Tap: 160-220, ho hum. Strikes on Tap is Goliath.

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