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Hey y’all, last week of qualifying for all-stars. Rosters will be based on stats after games on Friday 2/25, minimum 6 games. Top 18 men and 12 women from each night will qualify, with a minimum of 3 B men and 2 B women per night. The game will not be Tuesday vs Thursday, but will feature 12 individual teams of 5 playing for themselves. Each team will get six games of baker qualifying, then four teams make a playoffs for the title. All star game is Sunday, 3/6 at 3pm.

As of 2/21 this would be the list:


Gunz, Jerk, Hungus, Tso, HBK, Mater, Phil Frames (B), Shirley, G Boi, Ding Dong, Herb’n, Rashmoore, Cerrano, Sonny D, Stuffed Crust, Rodhouse, Iceberg (B), Xander Rolle (B)

Nut Sauce, Speedy Weiner, Mt Averest, Lala, Nugget, Dirty Lew, All Day Lemay, Brooklyn Peanut (B), La Femme (B), White Russian, Savvy, Mrs. Brady


Precious, Sparetime, Putt Putt, Snapshot, Couch, Doc Moose, Spidey, Master Splinter, Holden Green, G Force, Soccer Dad, Badger, Cilantro, Otis (B), Squeaky G, Capt Spare O, Boys McCracken (B), Rocky Bowlboa (B)

Mama D, Seatown, Jelly Swirl, La Gatita (B), Bean (B), Lil PIckle, Ruby Canary, Ice Ice Mary, Tilt A Whirl, Mimi, Spare Me, Shooter McGill

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