This Week In BoPo: Week 8

What’d I miss! LOS win streak ends at 22, and now they are in the unfamiliar position of looking up at another team as the Sultans move into first with the showdown victory. Guacabowle hanging around in the mix at 6-1 too. That leaves one undefeated A team…Saucy Posse. Tuesday A bunching up with a four way tie for 2nd. Strikes on Tap still undefeated in B after a very close battle with Wrecking Balls. Defending champs Bowl Trolls are hanging around just under the surface. FC Portland continuing their hot start at 7-1 in Thursday B, and the underdog Strike City keeps shocking the world, now at 6-1.

Singles and doubles qualifying opens tomorrow, all-star game Sunday. Shit’s about to get rolling as we turn toward the season homestretch.

You can see the boxscores for yourself, so straight to bowlers of the week.

Thursday A

Spidey, Sultans: Sultans got a lot of big games to knock off LOS, but Spidey was the best at 232-244

Mama D, LOS: She tried to hold off the onslaught with a nice 222-212 night

Thursday B

Mic Drop, FC Portland: They added a new guy? Solid 550 series

Rollapinna, Bad News Spares: High Thursday B ladies score with a 167-131 set. Also, is that a Carrie Okay sighting! Welcome back!

Tuesday A

Eggroll, Pocket Pounders: Postes a huge 245-235 to lead the Pounders to an upset bowloff win over Bingas

Dirty Lew, Saucy Posse: Great, just what SauPo needed, another dominant woman! 227-212, Dirty Lew getting comfortable here

Tuesday B

Xander Rolle, Wrecking Balls: Bowler of the week with a 569 and made the all-star game, nice week!

Knuckles, BARE: This team just pumps out players of the week. Knuckles gets it with a 168-190, for her 2nd and the team’s 5th award!

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