Late B

Season Pick Record: 33–12 (73%) – Last week: 4–3 (57%)   EARLY GAMES (5:40 PM): #2 NED (6-1) –9 vs. #14 Mindz in the Gutter (2-5) NED keeps on rolling!  They throttled Stones for 12 points last week and I predict the same result this week.  Mindz has put together a fine sophomore season and gotten themselves two wins. For the first time ever, they averaged over 600 as a team last week (600.4).  TooContinue reading “Late B”

Tuesday B

So here we are… Week 7- halfway through BoPo XIII with six weeks to go after tonight!  Put up or shut up times for all those middle of the standings teams.  It’s time to make your run, season will be over before you know it.      For those of you counting – My record picking the lines is 29-9 (76.3%) – Last week: 7-1 (87.5%)     EARLY GAMES (5:40 PM):  BowlContinue reading “Tuesday B”